Thursday, October 1, 2009


Looking out my bedroom window at this hour, I still can’t see a damned thing. I fell asleep around 6pm last night and woke up just a few minutes ago. This isn’t anything close to a regular sleep schedule for me. It’s just how things go. I sort of thought that moving to overnight work hours would automatically mean I slept during the day, 7 days a week. Well, it doesn’t mean that whatsoever.

And I think the sudden appearance of fall in my neck of the woods has caused me to be even more sleepy. I’m taking lots of naps. I’m sleeping at odd hours. The cooler weather brings back the fun of cuddling with my cats under a load of blankets. I’m missing phone calls, text messages, etc and it’s pissing people off (*poke*).

And, ultimately, I don’t really mind. It seems like the best way to find myself was to absolutely lose myself. I’m living in my own little universe these days. It’s quite fun, actually.

And I’m sure that’ll elicit all sorts of opinion, both good and bad. But it doesn’t really matter. One thing that irritates me about this blog is that it only displays a few facets of my personality. I mean, reading this blog gives someone a 2-D version of what I’m like. Which is often how I wind up with creepy, awful, manatee-like stalkers obsessing over my every move.

Seriously, kids, it’s not worth it.

Go outside. Read a book. Listen to a record.

And enjoy what’s to come…


  1. i am so glad to see you posting again

  2. It's amazing how many people assume a blog encompasses the "whole" of someone.
    Clearly, they know a lot of 2 dimensional people.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!! And that is why I love a non-creepy semi-stalkerish way! ;)