Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Portland Oregon And Sloe Gin Fizz

I suppose that if I’d have made a list of things I expected to do in 2009, spending a few days in Portland, Oregon wouldn’t have been on it. Yet, somehow, I found myself in Portland this weekend. That’s just sort of how this year has been for me. I’ve done a lot of things… I’ve been to a lot of unexpected places…

Portland is a pretty cool place. It’s a large city that feels like a small town. There’s no denying that there are a lot of people there. Yet everyone acts as if they know you. It’s so… unassuming.

Admittedly, there is no real story here. I got on a plane. I discovered that Portishead is the best flight soundtrack ever. I went to Portland. I came home. I was not assaulted by a cadre of pistol-wielding nuns. I did not drink a fifth of whiskey and stumble into the mayor's residence to play Twister. I did not feel embraced. I did not feel missed. But I went, nonetheless.


  1. i wish i would have had more notice you were going there. i could've hooked you up with my former engineer. he's up there now and is all about obscure shit and good beer. damnit!

  2. One of the best dive bars in America is in Portland.
    Part of my liver is in a jar on a shelf by the bar.

  3. I secretly want to move to Portland or Seattle because of the weather, so I have an excuse to be sleepy, sad & lazy...WAIT this isn't Postsecrets!!