Tuesday, September 30, 2008

California Prop 8

I believe in hope and love and all sorts of inappropriate hippie emotions. Whatever. This is part of why I'm voting no on California proposition 8. Prop 8 adds an amendment to the California constitution that states "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." Essentially, it eliminates same-sex marriage. It eliminates love. It eliminates hope.

As an issue of equality, how could you vote for this amendment? This is another civil rights barrier, and one we should have hurdled a long time ago. While some of it does stem from certain (misguided) religious convictions, some does stem from a segment of society not wanting "the other" to be "like us." That's simply not a good excuse. Keep your bigotry to yourself. Keep it in the home. Publicly airing your hatred doesn't do anyone any good. It's selfish.

Does the ability of same-sex couples to marry hurt anyone? No. If anything, it contributes to our state's economy. What do married couples do? They honeymoon, they buy houses, they fill those houses. They do, guess what, just what everyone else do. They contribute to society. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SAME-SEX COUPLE AND A HETEROSEXUAL COUPLE. We are all human beings, and we all deserve the right to happiness.

Now, how about some knee-jerk reaction? "Does everyone having the right to happiness mean that psychos can shoot whomever they want if it makes them happy?" "Does this mean people can marry goats?" "What if this tramples on my happiness at watching a socio-sexual group suffer?" Well, no. The world is not black-and-white. The world is made of shades of gray. We're talking about the happiness of mutual love between two people. How exactly does two men or two women getting married and making a commitment to each other equal murder or bestiality or torture or anything else that is patently wrong? Short answer: it doesn't.

That is why I'm voting no on prop 8. There's no research involved. There's no hidden agenda. It's simple: you're either for equal rights or you're not.


  1. Amen, amen. I've posted about Prop 8 on my blog before. You know, I'm just...shocked that people would consider voting for it.

    We CANNOT and SHOULD NOT legislate against love. That's bad karma, man.

    Power to us Bakersfieldian liberal homo-sex-shual lovers.

  2. You have a great point...the world is many shades of gray. I venture that the world is also many shades of gay and as the bumper sticker on my myspace reads, "Love is NEVER wrong!"