Sunday, September 28, 2008

Me Versus The Kern County Fair, Part Two

I still hate the Kern County Fair. Maybe hate is too strong a word. I get "itchy" at the fair. It's hot, stinky, and weird. But I went again today so I could take Sebastian on some of the rides. He, of course, had a blast. He doesn't quite understand some of the safety issues yet, but he does know that the giant metal machines equal fun.

He really enjoyed the rides he got to go on, although I'm not sure if the rollercoaster was a favorite. He looked a little confused through that one. After a few hours of rides, he was pretty exhausted. I think the heat might have had something to do with that. I know it certainly drained my reserves.

One really sad moment, though. I was going to take him on the Ferris Wheel with me and the man at the ride refused to let him on, saying he was too small. I tried to tell him that I was going to ride with him, but he still refused, sending Sebastian away in tears. He was really upset and didn't understand why the man was being so mean. I didn't really understand either. It was a Ferris Wheel, not the Viper at Magic Mountain.

Also, my Dad almost got into a fight with some random guy while Sebastian and I were on the Merry-Go-Round. I have no clue what happened there. And in one of the exhibition halls, some giant guy elbowed me hard in the middle of the back because I was in his way (As if everyone isn't in everyone's way in those exhibition halls). Seriously, the guy probably had a good hundred pounds on me. That's saying a lot. Even funnier is that he was stuffing his face with a corn dog at the time.

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