Monday, June 8, 2009

I'll Tumbl For Ya

Earlier this year, I started a Tumblr account that I barely use these days, seeing as how I need to focus most of my energies on working and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. The other day, I got an e-mail from Tumblr tech support, regarding a copyright issue. The tech guy who contacted me actually forwarded the e-mail he got from the photographer.

Hi Marc,

I am contacting you to inform you that one of your members,, is using and allowing downloads of a photograph of Ute Lemper that I own the copyright to without giving me credit.  The press page for Ute Lemper's site where he downloaded the image requires the user to credit the photographer  Please contact this individual to ask him to post my credit © or remove the image from his page. Please find atttached a copy of the image that I had downloaded from his page today. Thank you for your assistance

Fran Janik

This is all fine and good. Artists need to protect their work and I fully understand that. What got me is that this photographer is so out-of-work/bored that he was trolling the internet for illegal use of his photos. Apparently, there aren’t enough weddings to shoot in Vermont at the moment.

And, I’m apparently bored enough to complain about it.

"Using and allowing downloads?" Yes, how insidious of me. That free trade of information that is the internet is my medium for profiting on the hard work of unsuspecting photographers. Remind me to credit Mr. Hankey next time I go to the bathroom. I want to make sure his intellectual properties are preserved.

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