Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why, I never!

I never flew a kite, though I did watch other people fly kites.

I never ate fois gras, though not from any personal objection.

I never listened to a Kelly Clarkson song all the way through. That was due to a personal objection.

I never spoke a second language fluently, though I can get my point across in Spanish.

I never flew on an airplane. Anything east of Las Vegas scares me.

I never left the country, as such. Although I do have a mildly funny story about the time I was kept from going to Mexico.

I never understood the appeal of NASCAR, or racing in general.

I never drank J├Ągermeister. It just sounds gross.

I never had a big sense of self-preservation. I worry about everyone else, though.

I never ate at Red Lobster.

I never surfed, or did anything that involved the ocean and a solo floatation device.

I never did a “happy dance,” although I can see the appeal.

I never drank a glass of ginger ale and thought, "That was a good choice!"

I never thought hockey in the American south was a good idea. I doubt I ever will.

I never owned my own car, or house.

I never planted a garden.

I never made Chicken Fried Steak from scratch.

I never truly appreciated the genius of Marvin Gaye.

I never got what I needed. Just what I want.

I never really liked dogs much. Cats rule.

I never did see Dog Day Afternoon. Isn’t that ironic?


  1. ive never had the desire to own a house to be quite honest.

    ;) I have seen Dog Day Afternoon though and its pretty good

  2. There's many things I have yet to do.

  3. That's because you've never drank your ginger ale with Jameson before!