Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sad Songs Are Nature’s Onions (Pt. 3)

(This is part of a long series about sad songs and how they are nature’s onions.)

The Coral-”Bill McCai”

“Bill McCai” is one of my favorite songs about suicide. And I do realize that it’s pretty strange that I’ve categorized a list in my head of favorite songs about suicide. I guess the real draw of the song is the way the upbeat music contrasts nicely with utterly tragic lyrics. Bill McCai is a sad middle-aged man, who yearns for his youth. Unable to cope with his life, he hangs himself. Also, the song has fantastic vocal harmonies! Ahem.

Bonus! A live version recorded in 2003 on Later:


  1. My fave sad song by far is Trouble by Cat Stevens. It is so mournful and contrasting to his other songs like Katmandu and the famed If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out.

  2. I'm currently listening to one of my favorite sad bastard songs "love is a catastrophe" by the pet shop boys. do not go listen to this song.