Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sad Songs Are Nature’s Onions (Pt. 5)

(This is part of a long series about sad songs and how they are nature’s onions.)

Pulp-”Like A Friend”

Pulp contributed a handful of instant classics to soundtracks during the 1990s. These were songs so good they should have been singles in their own right. “Mile End” from the film Trainspotting comes to mind, as does the sublime “Like A Friend” from Great Expectations. “Like A Friend” is the tale of a confused relationship; a friend who takes advantage of the narrator like he’s a lover. And the narrator just keeps on taking it. The song ends with the most apropos of lyrics, “Let me tell you now, it's lucky for you that we're friends.”

Bonus! The scene from the film Great Expectations that features “Like A Friend:”

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