Monday, October 6, 2008

Sad Songs Are Nature’s Onions (Pt. 4)

(This is part of a long series about sad songs and how they are nature’s onions.)

Duran Duran-”Someone Else Not Me”

True story: I’m the only person in the universe who bought Duran Duran’s 2000 album Pop Trash. So, I’m working under the assumption that they wrote “Some Else Not Me” for yours truly. It’s a simple sentiment over a great Beatles-esque tune; The realization that someone you love dearly would be better off with someone else. I’ve come to that conclusion many times in my life. It’s too bad they didn’t write this song sooner. It would have made the “It’s not you, it’s me” speech so much easier to deliver.

Bonus! Duran Duran used to perform this song live. They had to play something between “Hungry Like The Wolf” and “Girls On Film” anyway. Full disclosure: I want Nick Rhodes’ hat.

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