Friday, August 7, 2009

August 7th

(For the month of August, I will be posting something every single day that, hopefully, betters my life. Or enriches my experience. Or something new. Or something exciting. And I hope that all of you, my friends, join me on this ride.)

It turns out that I’m terrible at pool. Drinking before I got there wasn’t much help. But I did have fun hanging out and making a fool out of myself. And I wasn’t even the one who fell off a stool!

So what am I up to today? It’s a simple one. I stopped smoking. The plan is to not smoke a single cigarette today and see if I can make it. If I can make it through today, maybe I can make it through tomorrow. And the day after. Then, who knows? Maybe I’ll be President?

Why am I doing this? The things are expensive, pure and simple. I work for peanuts and the local Fastrip doesn’t take peanut shells in exchange for cigarettes. If I took cigarettes out of my budget, I’d be a Dollar Menunaire. Or something.

Today’s adventure is probably a terrible idea. You see, I’ve had to do all sort of stressful things already this morning, spending some time at the local courthouse and finding out that I’m not having my fees waived for the divorce. Suddenly, I have ten days to come up with $355. But I didn’t crack. I might crack at midnight tonight. But I won’t crack today. And who knows? Maybe this will stick.

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  1. OK this is not the one I wanted to send you but it helps...

    I'll have to ask my cousin for the other site where you track yourself and your savings...he said it helped him quit after 30 years. That and something to do with every time he went for a cig he was told to ask him self if it's something he needs or something he wants and as the days passed he craved less.