Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No More August

...things turned awful today. Fuck August. No more personal growth. No more love. No more nothing. Later...


  1. given what happened, i think that discontinuing your august posting is a bad idea. seriously.

  2. Wow! i take a break and WTF??? What's going on you?

  3. noooo come back. You know when I read this at the beginning of my reading all I thought it was because it was the end of August and you decided you didn't like the idea so how dumb am I, I don't even know the months?

    More August- that is the point! The point of what you were doing...so tell who ever or whatever to fuck themselves and then go back to personal growth.
    or tell us what happened because....

    1 bad day out of 12 should not be given the most power!