Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baal Games...

I must drive my neighbors absolutely batty. During the daytime when I’m home alone, I play a lot of music. And I don‘t just play music; I play it loud with the windows open wide. Regardless of what I play, it’s generally music that most of my neighbors probably don’t want to hear.

Case in point: Today, I whipped out some of the old vinyl and had my own little personal David Bowie festival. There’s nothing quite like singing along with the lyrics of “Baal’s Hymn” to chase away the blues. There’s nothing the neighbors like better than “Hallo Spaceboy” played at maximum volume. There’s nothing that says “asshole neighbor” like listening to Never Let Me Down without the slightest hint of irony present.

I know I should feel bad for it, but I really don’t. If anything, I’m contributing to the cultural fiber of Tyner Ranch (Ha!). I like to imagine that some 15 years from now, there are going to be random children running around East Bakersfield with Art Brut or Jarvis Cocker t-shirts on.

And their parents will wonder, “Just where the hell did my kids hear all of this crap?”

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  1. Yeah, you totally would have been the neighbor I called the landlord about.