Sunday, May 24, 2009


The phone rings at work, I answer…

Me: “Hello, this is apartment 311, Michael speaking.”

Trainer: “Michael, when are you doing your last four tests?”

Me: “How much time do I have?”

Trainer: “Now.”

Me: “Huh?”

Trainer: “You’re doing them now. When are your next days off?”

Me: “Monday and Tuesday?”

Trainer: “Have you done Pro-Act yet?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Trainer: “You’re coming in Tuesday at 2:30 and finishing your tests.”

Me: “Um, okay…”

The other end of the line goes *click*.

I checked when I got home. I actually had until June 10th to finish my probationary tests at work, but apparently they want them done posthaste. I guess they’re sick of not knowing until the last minute whether their assorted employees will still be with them after their first three months. So, I lose a day off this week, but at least I’ll be done with all of this nonsense probationary garbage.


  1. well that was a little rude, it doesn't sound like this past week was ask you week it was more of a tell you huh? Well I hope you do great on your test because I think they must love having you there! Best wishes.

  2. So I keep writing you texts on my phone, hitting send, and then putting the phone down, completely forgetting that I still have to actually select you as the person I'm texting. It's really quite annoying. I think my phone should just automatically send you all the texts anyway since 99% of the time you're the one I'm trying to send them to. grrs.

  3. glad it wasn't me- I'd have told him to fuck off and then would probably be looking for another job.......