Monday, February 2, 2009

And Then All Hell Broke Loose!

It’s so strange these days how life seems to simultaneously grind to a halt and speed forward with alarming alacrity. None of us appear to be really moving forward in our lives. People are losing their jobs or they’re getting their hours reduced, keeping just about everyone from really moving forward with their hopes/dreams/ambitions. Yet life just keeps speeding forward without regard to these new conditions.

We’re all getting older, in spite of the hiccups of the global economy. We’re still talking about the new season of Lost and watching the Super Bowl with impunity. And that’s probably a good thing. If we spent all our time worrying about what’s wrong with “The Royal We,” we’d probably be in even worse shape.

You still woke up this morning. Maybe your cat or dog said, “Hello.” You probably had breakfast or lunch or both. You did whatever it is that you have to do to make yourself feel better. To cope. And that’s totally okay. I’m not too terribly worried about it. You’re going to be okay. That’s not me being condescending. That’s just the truth.

(Post script: Today is my sister's birthday. Yes, it's the day after mine. Yes, it's also Groundhog's Day. Any Groundhog's Day cards will force my sister to cut you. Yes, it's been done before. Anyhoo, Happy Birthday, sis! I won't tell the world how old you are because I'm on my way there, too!)

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  1. Today I woke up at 2pm and thought what am I doing right now. I agree everythings paused yet it is going to fast, the weeks and months are going so fast but everyone I know their life seems to be on hold including mine.