Monday, February 23, 2009

I Can Has Job? No? Oh.

It’s already past noon and my phone hasn’t rang today. Normally, that’s not too unusual. My phone doesn’t ring much because few people call me and I tend to not answer my phone anyway. No offense, world, I’m just not much of a telephone person.

But today is sort of the cutoff for the job I mentioned a while back, mostly because training is supposed to start tomorrow morning. The interview went swimmingly. I got drug checked. My references were called. And then nothing. My friend, Amberlee, works there and has been trying to check in for an exact reason as to why I’m not being considered.

To this point, nothing. I was never unrealistic when it came to the job. I know the economy is terrible and hundreds of people apply for just about every job that comes along these days. I knew that the situation would have be just about perfect in order for me to get the job. What surprises me is that it really looked like the stars were aligning on this one.

Firstly, I’d be great at this job. I’m patient, calm, and friendly, for the most part. I have a background in interpersonal communications. I’m smarter than the average bear, too. And, as I said, the interview was a home run. So, I was really thinking this one was a good match. I never got to the rest of the process, though. They never vetted me with the FBI. I never took my physical.

I’m sure there’s a reason for it. I’m sure it probably has something to do with the fact that everybody needs a job right now and I was probably lapped by PhD’s and saintly church goers with dispositions like melted butter. It’s just that it all seems a little frustrating to me. I’m not quite sure how exactly I’m supposed to impress anyone these days. I’m not sure what I have to do to stick out.

The process continues, I suppose. I’ve applied elsewhere, of course. Maybe someone else will like my resume. One never knows. I would just love to get moving again. It’s been a long time without employment for me and time seems to be running out in my current situation.

So, um, onward and upward?


  1. dude that sucks. i was hoping they'd call you today. i mean the day isn't over yet, but still. sucks.

  2. the search is continuing for me to. i have an interview tomorrow, hopefully all will go well.

    you hang in there

  3. That blows.

    But yeah, onward and upward...there could be something great about to smack you in the face right around the corner.

  4. @gabby Like a bus? Wakka wakka wakka!

  5. a bus-ful of wonderful opportunities!! hahaha!

  6. we wouldn't let a bus smack ya!

  7. I'm with gabby a bus-ful of wonderful opportunities!
    OK I'll tell you something funny...bondon was souvenir shopping and I bought one of those poncho sweater things for mom to give to pops and there was one that looked just like the one from your kid photo and so I told mom "oh my gosh I should buy this for a blogger's kid I read just to be funny but he'd think I'm crazy since I don't know him and it's not like anyone would want to wear it" and she was totally telling me to buy it! So I didn't buy it but a random person you don't know remembered you in Cabo! ;-)

  8. @Desert_Rat Actually, that's very sweet. It's quite lovely to know that you were thinking of little old me in Cabo!