Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hockey Day In Canada

Yes, it’s Hockey Day In Canada today.

Yes, I’m watching hockey all day.

Yes, I do love Canada.

No, I’m not Canadian.

Yes, you can watch Hockey Day In Canada in the US, too, if you have the NHL Network.

Yes, the Kings play today, too.

Go Kings Go!


  1. Haha, it's ok. I watched mostly basketball LAST weekend.

  2. OH Can-a-da! Perhaps repliderium will allow you to be an honourary Canadian like me. Especially since Canadian's are the funnest Hockey fans

  3. I wish They had Figure Skating day....

  4. Canada loves you back! (Except that ridiculous Kings comment) We all know that the Oilers are really the only team out there.
    (Yes, I stayed an Oilers fan even after the great one left!)

  5. @kim Actually, I did watch the Oilers/Flames game. I was totally rooting for the Oilers. Michael Cammalleri can bite me.

    ...Canada loves me! Yay! That's step one in my plan to eventually take over the country!