Tuesday, April 14, 2009

(2) Reasons Yesterday Was Win

(In other news, I got another jump-start this morning and drove to Sears. Sears told me they had my battery and it would take 30 minutes to install. 45 minutes later, a rather dim mechanic found me and told me they didn't have a battery for my car. "Can you at least give me a jump so I can go somewhere that does?" "Uh, yeah, I guess." A few maneuvers around the swarms of mouth-breathing Sears employees later, I found myself at Pep Boys, where I got a new battery and an oil change for $70 less than what Sears was quoting. Fuck Sears. Fuck them in their big, hairy earholes. Anyway, I just barely made it to my work "staff meeting." I got a $10 Jack In The Box gift card for attending. Life is strange, sometimes.)


  1. YAY for better days. I told you before chocolate solves everything, it was the chocolate.

  2. Do the cadbury creme eggs count as a win for yesterday when you bought them on the fail day?