Friday, April 3, 2009

Did I Just Get Herpes From Watching Television?

I guess I never realized just how much bad television people watch. I’ll admit, I watch some pretty crappy things. I mean, no one should watch Survivor. Really, no one. But working in an environment where there are televisions everywhere, I’m getting a real taste for just how bad things are.

For whatever reason, the people at my job have an intense fascination with the terrible reality shows on MTV and VH1. I can’t even begin to describe the atrocities I’ve been forced to witness in the last month.

For example, VH1 has this show called For The Love Of Ray J. I’m not entirely sure who Ray J is. I honestly don’t care. Maybe he’s a rapper. Maybe he’s a pimp. Maybe he’s a pizza delivery guy. Regardless, there appear to be an awful lot of under-educated, over-indulged young women who want to get in his pants. And they all have names like Caviar and Unique.

Or how about MTV’s Girls Of Hedsor Hall? A show where, um, sluts go to England and engage in such stereotypical British things as, um, eating Spotted Dick? Oh, yeah, make me watch more of that.

Another one of my break room favorites is anything on the Lifetime Movie Network. I’m not sure who loves LMN so damned much, but somebody at my work does, because it’s constantly on in the break room. I guess LMN is where all the really bad Lifetime movies are put to pasture.

Does it get any better? Well, yeah, if you consider SciFi original movies and pro wrestling better. There’s really nothing I can do about it, though. I could put on a Law & Order: Criminal Intent rerun, but the channel would be changed pretty much immediately to Rock Of Love Bus. I always wondered why these shows kept getting put on the air and I guess I understand now. People in the medical field have to watch something, right?


  1. Topanga, is that you?

    Also, Rock of Love Bus is awesome. I love yelling at sluts on TV. *sigh

  2. is the chick in the first clip tapanga from boy meets world?!

  3. Those shows make my ears bleed and Give me a giant longing to punch my TV.

  4. ps- "Did I just herpes from watching television"

  5. I think Danielle Fischelle is awesome (now that she's not dating this celebrity guy i like)

    but seriously...never ever ever watch that "For the Love of Ray J" crap. I've never seen it, but if Ray J is in, I don't want to see. I'll listen to some of his music, but I don't care for him or his sister Brandy. They just ain't right.

    the other video clips make me glad I don't have cable to be subjected to that crap.

  6. You know, despite agreeing with my friend who threatened to disown me for watching every episode of Rock of Love Charm School, I just couldn't look away.

  7. I have a weekness for crap TV... who else will amuse me when they are trying to find out who the "baby daddy" is!??

  8. That's her name..sorry side tracked but elle bee it was killing me I was thinking is that that girl from that show and couldn't think of the name! ;-)

    OK but TLA, I mean come on WHO DOESN'T want the best of both worlds? A party girl and a stripper! Can we not dream?

    The only thing I watch is the news and it's usually the same news over and over but I keep it on.