Monday, April 6, 2009

5 Monday Music Thoughts

* It’s been about four years since the last Doves record hit shelves. In the interim, it might have been easy to forget why Doves is such a great band. They’re from the same school of musical thought as Travis, or even Radiohead. But what separates Doves is their orchestral scope, which makes them feel at times like a British Sigur Rós. The new album, Kingdom Of Rust, is worth the long wait, if the first single is any indication.

* I know I’ve prattled on about …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead’s new album, The Century Of Self, enough in the past, but what has me excited today is that there is a new video for my favorite song from it, “Isis Unveiled.” The video cuts down the track by a few minutes, but the core of what makes it such a brilliant song is still there. Is the video the best ever? No, but the song is.

* I know I could quite possibly lose credibility by admitting just how into electroclash I was back in the day. Miss Kittin? Felix Da Housecat? Ladytron? I simply couldn’t get enough of them. And at the very top was Fischerspooner, the most over-hyped band to never sell a record. Their third album, Entertainment, is being released independently quite soon, and it’s a nice pickup for fans of Depeche Mode or anything fey and electronic. Yes, that is a high recommendation, coming from me.

* Phoenix is one of those indie bands you’ve probably heard of, but likely haven’t actually heard. That’s starting to change suddenly with the release of their fourth album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. They’re getting more than the usual good press; they’re getting exposure! Take this appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, for instance. Is Phoenix about to be huge?

* Oh, Camera Obscura, how you make me weep! These Glasgowegians are very reminiscent of Belle & Sebastian and their songwriting is pretty up to par. Their fourth album, My Maudlin Career, is in stores in a few weeks. The leadoff single, “French Navy,” isn’t as tear-jerking as 2006’s “Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken,” but it’s still pretty keen.


  1. Yay Doves!
    Am currently digging Doves, Magnet and the Weepies.
    Thanks for the cool new music :)

  2. I really enjoy your Monday 5 posts!

  3. The Loss AdjusterApril 7, 2009 at 1:45 PM

    Aw, thanks!