Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reasons Yesterday Was Fail

Some days, nothing goes as planned. Or even as desired. Naturally, yesterday was one of those days…

There were missed connections. There’s a friend from Sacramento that I keep trying to meet, and it just never pans out. Lost opportunities. I could have worked an extra shift. Embarrassments. I could go into detail about those, but why bother? Did I get rejected? Yeah. A few times. It’s the usual stuff. It’s the usual assortment of reasons that I suck as a person.

What compounded those failures was my adventure around town with Susannah. All we were doing was shopping out of boredom. Anything to distract myself from the fact that I can’t do anything right. Nothing special. So, of course, my car battery dies in the Petco parking lot. The rest of the day had been one giant fail, so why not my car, too?

Normally, this isn’t a big deal. I have roadside assistance. I can call and get a jump start. We played a board game whose name I can’t remember in the car while we waited for the tow truck. The guy came after about 45 minutes and gave me a jump start.

We drove around town another half an hour or so to charge my battery and went back to her place. It was getting late and she had school in the morning, so I headed home. Only, my battery was still dead. It’s dead-dead now. No amount of charging would save it. No warnings. Nothing.

I called Susannah and she came and got me and took me to Walmart, since it was late and they sell car batteries. Walking through the aisles, I told her, “I really should be more upset. I mean, this is the sort of day where there’s a hiccup in everything I do. I should be freaking out, but I’m not. What does that say about me?”

I should have kept my mouth shut. Walmart was out of the battery my car needs. I bought some jumper cables and we drove back. We couldn‘t even jump my car. The battery was that dead. Admittedly, the dejection finally sunk in. I was done. Still am, really. I called roadside assistance again. Susannah went back to her apartment. She came out a few minutes later to tell me that one of her turtles died while we were out.

I got home just before one in the morning. Around five, my Dad woke me up to jump start my car. I pretty much figured no one would be open to sell me a battery, but whatever. I’ll just sleep in the parking lot. He couldn’t jump start my car either. So, I have to call roadside assistance again today. And get a new battery. And hope that the fail of yesterday doesn’t bleed too much into today.


  1. I think the stars must've been aligned in some toxic pattern yesterday. It was full of fail indeed and I say the Universe can suck it up and give us all a mulligan, yeah?

  2. i would suggest sears for your battery purchases. they're a little more than walmart but they offer a warranty program for the battery. i had one i bought there that the warranty on the battery outlasted the car.

    sorry your day sucked. i have those days a lot too.

  3. Well that just blows. Hope today is better!

  4. Sometimes a good solid dose of fail gets that shit outta the way for a while, no?

  5. ditto what discotrash said...sears is the best for batteries

  6. Ugh you poor thing, what a shitty day! No wonder why you need angry music!

    Hopefully Kims right and a good solid dose of fail gets that shit outta the way for a while!

    Here's to a better week!