Thursday, April 9, 2009

Destroying Los Angeles

Yesterday was a very long day for yours truly and the legendary Discotrash. We started with an in-studio performance by Unwritten Law at the Clear Channel building in Burbank, ate surprisingly terrible macrobiotic food, drank our way through Sunset Strip, saw Julien-K at the Roxy, and closed the night with awesome Thai food at 3 in the morning.

Along the way, I met some interesting people, was introduced to a small army of "guys in bands," and spotted the lead singer of Puddle Of Mudd at the Rainbow. No, I did not hit him. And, at some point, a picture was taken of me under a Ryan Seacrest sign. I hope it never surfaces.

There are all sorts of crappy YouTube videos of the Julien-K show up already. Here's one:

I got home around 5 in the morning, to the puzzled expressions of my cats. They don't get it, but that's okay...


  1. I'm jealous! I would LOVE to have drank my way through Sunset Strip and have yummy Thai food at 3 in the morning!! I want to see this picture!~

  2. That sounds like one hell of a night. I have the Seacrest pic btw. It will be your for a price......

  3. HOW FUN! I'm also jealous but if I drank my way through Sunset strip I'd be asleep in my Thai.

    REP: I'll pay more than he pays to see it! ;-)

  4. I have the picture. I will post it. Mostly because that's one fucking horrid picture of me in a post a bit back. BOOOO.