Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, just about everyone at work was teasing me over the last few weeks about my PRO-ACT training, saying that the second I completed it, they’d change my rotation and put me in with the worst behavioral patients.

Well, go figure. The second I finish my PRO-ACT training yesterday, I get back to the apartments and find out that my rotation had changed. It really shouldn’t be that big a deal, but I was really getting used to the patients I’d worked with the last four weeks. I’d learned their programs and what I should do when they had certain behaviors, etc.

They didn’t throw me in with “the worst behavioral patients,” though. I got an apartment with three guys who are all pretty much independent. So independent, in fact, that I barely have to be there. Consequently, I’m basically a giant floater. I give people breaks, collect paperwork and keys, handle odd little tasks here and there. I’m not sure if this is a permanent thing, but it feels weird. At least it makes the shift go by really fast. I have a lot to do.

I just never understand the rationale for this sort of thing. Two of the supervisors have already told me that they wished I were still in my old apartment. They said that they never had to worry about that apartment when I was in there, which is a cool compliment. Unfortunately, they don’t make the decisions on assignments.

So, why have I been moved? Who knows? I don’t really know if it’s a promotion or a demotion. I’m no longer changing Depends and showering and doing every little thing for my patients, but I’m being called on to run around the apartments and handle various situations. It’s physically draining (especially since one of my patients demands an hour walk every evening), but it’s mental pie compared to what I was doing.

For all I know, they shuffled the cards in the deck and I was a leftover card from another deck. I just sort of got stuck in one of the leftover roles. That’s kind of how it feels.

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