Monday, April 20, 2009

Things To Know

* I am not dead. Things just sort of spiraled at the end of last week for me, so I really didn't feel like posting anything. Things are okay, though. Rejection sucks, but hey, we all have to deal with it, right? I'm sure there's someone out there that will appreciate me for me, and if there's not, than whatever.

* There won't be a 5 Monday Music Thoughts this week, because I'm not home and just don't have the time to do it from here. I might do a special edition later this week when I get back to Bakersfield.

* And where am I? Avila Beach, of course, hanging out with Discotrash. We saw Bloc Party at the SLO Vets Hall last night and they were amazing. I could gush for days over how awesome a show it was. I'm sure I probably will at some point. Oh, and we drank half the central coast. We're going to start on the other half this afternoon. I work tomorrow, right?


  1. 1. I'm glad you're alive!

    2. Boo for rejection

    3. You will find someone who will appreciate you I promise.

    4.I will stay tuned for Music thoughts, because only you & discotrash are my tickets to being cool with my music choices!

    5. I'm jealous that you guys are off drinking the central coast away!

  2. have funfunfun til daddy takes the t-bird away.

  3. I want to just copy Bon Don's comment, ok? Ditto. :)

  4. Michael, hang in there fella..there is someone out there for everyone..somewhere..keep pluggin along buddy..

  5. Sounds like a much better week already!