Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tweetup, Art Brut, Bloc Party, Booze, And Sad

* I’ll be at the Los Angeles Tweetup at The Studio Bar Wednesday, along with Discotrash, Cinchy, Tattooed Pepper, and an assortment pack of your favorite and, um, possibly less favorite, Twitter personalities. Before that, I’ll be at a radio station, quite surprisingly. After the Tweetup, I’ll be at the Roxy. If anyone has a hit out on me in LA, you’ll have ample opportunities to complete the contract Wednesday.

* I’ve been listening to a disturbing amount of Art Brut the past few days. It makes me feel better. You see, I really wish I were Jarvis Cocker, but I’m actually more Eddie Argos. That’s not a bad thing. It’s just not as sexy. Art Brut Vs. Satan is amazing, by the way… Is it coming out on vinyl? I might need that.

* Thanks to the awesomeness that is Tristan, I will be at the Bloc Party show in San Luis Obispo on the 19th. See you there?

* I’m drinking at my sister’s house tonight, but she won’t be. You see, she’s been having some health problems over the last year and her doctor has recommended not drinking for a month to see if that helps her situation. Though, as she told me this morning, “If this doesn’t work, there will be blood.”

* Yesterday was, ah, yesterday. Thank you, though, for all the kind words. My liver appreciates them.


  1. Please tell your sister that I will make sure to drink her share tonight.

  2. But when it comes down to it, I think most girls would rather have Eddie Argos

  3. I wish I twittered...

    Come on over, I gave you an award!