Monday, March 9, 2009

5 Monday Music Thoughts

* Art Brut’s third album, Art Brut Vs. Satan, hits stores late next month. It’s produced by Frank Black of the Pixies and looks to be a real winner. The first single, “Alcoholics Unanimous,” is probably my new favorite song about drinking. Seriously.

Eddie Argos for President! And if not President, how about Eddie Argos for Booster Gold?

* I love cover songs, even bad ones. There’s just something curiously enthralling about listening to a band take on another band’s material. Some bands take the song and make it their own. Others take the track and adhere to the original as closely as possible. I recently made a playlist in my iTunes of over 300 covers for shits and giggles. I’m positive it would make most people’s heads explode. For me, it’s sheer joy.

For instance, Ryan Adams covering Alice In Chains? WTF?

Or how about William Shatner covering Pulp?

* Admittedly, I have a huge soft spot for shoegaze and dreampop. I can spend hours listening to nothing but My Bloody Valentine or Lush or Autolux. Thus, I was quite excited several weeks back to discover The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. This New York band hits all the right notes in my ears and, oddly enough, makes me quite happy.

* Remember when Amy Winehouse was announced as one of the performers at this year’s Coachella festival and you thought to yourself, “No way she gets into the country, much less makes it on stage?” Well, you were right.

* Daft Punk is scoring the sequel to Tron. No, really. That might be the coolest thing ever.

Some guy on YouTube thinks it might resemble this:


  1. YES! Eddie Argos is totally one of my boyfriends.

  2. I love Art Brut.

    Congrats on the new job!!!