Monday, March 16, 2009

5 Monday Music Thoughts

* Admittedly, Julien-K is not really my sort of thing. They kind of remind me a lot of the music I was listening to when I was 14; angry, emotive industrial synth-metal without a hint of irony. Yet, I find myself listening to their debut album, Death To Analogue, quite a bit. I don’t know, there’s something about it that’s more than the sum of its parts (Let’s not discuss the band members’ prior engagements in Orgy). Although, I do have a caveat: Their cover of Romeo Void’s “Never Say Never” is downright embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as a certain band’s cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday.” Yep. Painful. Anyway, I’m enjoying the rest of the album regardless. I’ll be dropping off my indie credentials at the door of The Roxy on April 8th when Discotrash takes me to see them.

* Speaking of my very best friend Discotrash, she’s taking me to see Depeche Mode at The Hollywood Bowl on August 17th. Do I have the bestest best friend in the world or what?

* British dance punk? Yes, please. I’m quickly falling in love with Friendly Fires these days. They’re a bit Rapture-meets-Klaxons, but I’m still having trouble getting their self-titled debut album out of my head. The UK press is currently talking them up something fierce, so don’t expect to ever hear them on the radio here.

* I have a prediction to make. I think Ida Maria’s “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” is going to be a huge hit single. It’s fun, punky, and just poppy enough that it’s got a chance of being massive. Either that, or you’ll never hear this song again. Either one, really. I think this is the first Norwegian punk rock I’ve ever heard. I’m rather impressed.

* I know I pimp Flight Of The Conchords far too much on this blog, but last night’s episode was another classic. How could this song not make you laugh?

This Sunday is the season finale. After that, I shall be sad.


  1. if it makes you feel any better, Julien K is label mates with KMFDM

  2. I'm afraid I've become another indie kid. I have this problem, where all these bands you talk about, I already know them and have opinions about them.

    SAVE ME!!!!

    I fully blame you and the mixes you used to make.

  3. The Loss AdjusterMarch 16, 2009 at 2:34 PM

    @discotrash Well, maybe a little. I do still love me some KMFDM from time to time.

    @jennifer I apologize profusely. I feel your pain.