Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Open Forum

Okay, so maybe this sounds kind of weird, but in lieu of talking up my new job (Since there’s little I can talk about due to patient rights, and I haven’t quite sorted out what exactly about it I can talk about), I thought I’d do something completely different.

In the course of writing this blog, I’ve presented a picture of myself that’s been, at times, rather incomplete. Obviously, there are huge details of my life that I don’t write about. There are others that I write about in the vaguest way possible to protect certain people involved.

So, this is where you guys come into play. This is your opportunity to ask me things. Anything, really, that you want to know. I’m pretty much game to answer any questions you may have. Maybe you had some questions about prior blog entries? Maybe you’re just wondering what exactly it is that I’m hiding (A Cadbury Crème Egg, if you must know).

I’ll leave this post open for a few days and tackle the answers at the end of this week.


  1. Can I have a cadbury cream egg?

  2. What kind of cadbury creme egg? The original god of all candy cadbury creme egg? Or the imposter/bastard cadbury creme eggs they've come out with in past years?

  3. Where exactly are you hiding this cadbury creme egg? hmm?

  4. AH, I know, bondon and I were talking once before about how cute your boy is and we were trying to figure out what nationality his mom is? ;-). We threw out Hawaiian or some type of hispanic/latin background...probably based on his hair?
    otherwise I love the carmel cadbury even if it's not O.G.

  5. Divorce...why?...what happen?...are you & the ex still friends... you still love her etc. etc.

    if this is too personal revert to plan B

    what's your favorite:
    time of day.
    fast food joint.
    ice cream.
    conversation topic.

  6. Who is the girl in the sad longing posts? Can I kick her ass?

  7. 1) Does the fact that Julie Andrews did a topless scene bother you?

    2) Why do some males think it looks good to have their underwear poofing out above the belt on their pants?

    3) Is Michelle Obama the new Jackie Kennedy of the fashion world?

    4) What's was your favorite movie when you were seven?

    5) Does this comment make me look fat?

  8. Can I have $20 for some Penasol?

    - Will