Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love, Interview, Job, Movie

* I went to my sister’s house last night for dinner, drinks, and the new episode of Lost. She got bored and made a giant pitcher of something. Basically, she threw a bunch of different liquors in the pitcher until it was three-quarters full and then killed the rest with pomegranate juice and a can of sprite. It was boozy. I’m pretty sure that’s why I feel like a dog vomited in my face this morning. Mostly, I’m blaming the tequila in the mix.

But there were certainly amusements. I was tweeting nonsensically most of the evening. And I almost let slip the name of a crush. Publicly. Oops! As a boy who knows better, I found it almost a little embarrassing this morning. If I’ve learned anything from The United States Of Tara, it’s best to pretend I don’t care. Girls like mystery, yeah? Well, I’m about as mysterious as a tin of sardines. So, I’m learning…

* On the plate for today is a job interview. It’s for the management position at a sports apparel store. A lot of people have sort of looked at me cock-eyed when I mention this. I don’t really look like a sports guy, despite actually being a sports guy. So, my hope is that the interviewer asks me a bunch of sports questions, because if he doesn’t, I’m going to come off like a practicing witch in a Catholic church.

I am taking the advice of a friend when it comes to this interview, though. She told me that she always goes into job interviews not giving a shit. She pretends she’s already got a job and just testing the market. For her, that method usually goes well, because the nerves don’t really come into play. We’ll see how it goes for me. Chances are my interviewer reduces me to a blubbering mess.

* Then again, it won’t be too hard to pretend I have a job. I kind of, almost, sort of have a job. Maybe. Remember the really good interview I had a little ways back? And how the time frame sort of slipped away? Well, my friend at the company has been inquiring about me ever since and found out a few things.

Basically, they do quite like me, but it would appear that the human resources department is ultra slow. They still haven’t successfully contacted my prior employers. I still have a couple of hurdles to jump after that, too. What was interesting about the whole thing is that the guy who interviewed me told her basically that I’m hired. Which is kind of funny. It’s been a few weeks now. When do I actually get hired?

Ultimately, I might end up being the prettiest girl at the prom. Either that or all of this continues to mean nothing.

* After my interview, I’m off to a midnight screening of Watchmen. I’m reserving judgment…


  1. I'm dying to know who the crush is! Even though I probably won't even know who it is if you say the name. Hmmm. I hate mystery!

  2. I have never gone to an interview and NOT gotten the job. My secret:

    I am not being interviewed.

    I am not being interrogated.

    I am selling myself.

    They're the ones that are short staffed, they need me.

    Therefor I control the situation.

    I know I am the perfect fit for the job, however they don't know me yet, so all I have to do is just explain to them why I am.

    So get that self confidence going!! Before you go in mentally go over all the reasons you are qualified this job. Put a huge smile on your face and nicely go in there and let them know why they'd be a fool to not higher you. Every question you answer, back it up with prior experiences/situations where you've already dealt with and overcome the subject at hand. Don't forget to throw in a few safe jokes here and there, if you can make them laugh you know you're controlling the situation and you're all set!

    Another thing to remember, it's just a job, you can totally take this one and then quit if you get a better offer. People do it ALL the time! No one cares! It's at will employment and it's lovely. :)

  3. I think I do better in interviews when I decide not to care. I suppose job interviews are a little bit like the first few dates of a relationship. Why is everything a game?! It stresses me out.

    Lost was crazy last night.

    Crossing my fingers for you and these jobs!

  4. i wish i had some interview tips for you but ive only had like 3 interviews in my entire life and one was at kinkos over ten years ago

    good luck

  5. Phone the other guy and say that you're still interested in the position and are inquiring as to whether they have filled it!!!!!
    ps- WHO IS THE CRUSH?????
    why won't you tell her? She'd probably be thrilled!!!!!

  6. I knew they loved you and they were just slow that happens a lot.

    It's true when you act like it's no big deal and you already have a job you get the job.

    AH! Drunk twittering now! There are clearly to many ways to get ourselves in to trouble while drinking.

  7. Drunk twittering is about as bad an idea as drunk blogging, drunk emailing, drunk dialing etc. Though with twitter I think the problem is compounded by all those tweeties following you on their cell phones and instantly getting your drunken gems of wisdom.

  8. I think drunk anything is funny!! Who's the crush? Please tell us! (or me...

  9. I thought Jennifer gave you fantastic advice. YOU'RE the hot commodity, friend.

    I thought I was drunk last night. But I wasn't. I was just watching Lost jump 3 years forward, 3 years back. I almost vomited.