Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bakersfield Glory Holes

Every few weeks, I log into Google Webmaster Tools to check out the statistics for searches related to my blog. Usually, there are one or two rather humorous searches, but today absolutely took the cake. Yes, someone found my blog by looking for "Bakersfield glory holes."

Now, what they would have found on my blog was this piece about the old Welcome To Bakersfield sign. But that's totally not what they're looking for, since the terms "Bakersfield" and "Glory Hole" weren't mutually exclusive. So, in the interest of community service, I shall provide the necessary information for future visitors looking for the locations of "Bakersfield glory holes."

"Bakersfield glory holes" can be found in the following locations:

* Bakersfield.

* Outlying areas of Bakersfield.

I hope that this blog can now be of some benefit to the kindly souls crawling desperately through Google for "Bakersfield glory holes."


  1. bakersfield is a glory hole. put your dick in, get fucked.

  2. Eeeww I would have felt dirty after that... I don't look at my stats very often, I wonder what I'd find? hummm

  3. Note to be totally off topic, but that thing is neat, how do I find out what people are searching for when they go to my site?

  4. @susannah On your Blogger Dashboard page, check out the links at the very bottom of the page. Under "Tools and Resources" is a link that says "Webmaster Tools." That'll take you to "Google Webmaster Tools." Just click on your blog link there and it'll take you there. "Top Search Queries" is what you're looking for and it's under the "Statistics" umbrella.