Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Best Albums Of 2008 #16

TV On The Radio-Dear Science,

TV On The Radio have remained enigmas since their inception in Brooklyn in the early aughts. Their music is a bizarre blend of just about every style of rock, dance, and soul music imaginable. And when I say a blend, I mean it. It can be difficult to pull out styles and influences with any accuracy. When people ask me what TV On The Radio sound like, I usually respond with something like, “What Peter Gabriel should sound like?”

TV On The Radio’s fourth album, Dear Science,, isn’t sonically different from the three albums that came before it. What sets Dear Science, apart from the crowd is that TV On The Radio still hasn’t shown any downside yet. If anything, the band is managing to make distinctive records over and over again without there being any degradation of quality or innovation. And that is downright impossible to achieve in this day and age. We either have a fluke or pure genius on our hands. If they’re still this brilliant in ten years, we’ll be pretty lucky.

“Golden Age”

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