Monday, December 15, 2008

The Best Albums Of 2008 #15

Bauhaus-Go Away White

Bear with me here. British gothic rock group Bauhaus split up in 1983, splintering into a myriad of side projects (Love & Rockets, Tones On Tail, etc.) and solo work (Um, all of them.). The band reunited in the late 90’s for intermittent touring, but a new album seemed about as likely as an alien invasion. Then something funny happened. Bauhaus released a new album early this year. And promptly broke up again.

The record, Go Away White, was largely criticized by pundits as sounding like a Love & Rockets album fronted by Peter Murphy. Honestly, I have no problem with that assessment. I love Love & Rockets. I love Peter Murphy. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter to me. Looking for classic early 80’s Bauhaus in Go Away White is simply counterproductive. It’s been far too long since the band’s heyday. What remains is a fascinating document of four solo performers mis-stepping and creating something interesting anyway. It’s like the gothic equivalent of Let It Be.



  1. goddamnit i shouldve asked you to bring me this too. i suck

  2. A solid lead single and a hell of a swan song.