Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Best Albums Of 2008 #19

The Dodos-Visiter

The Dodos are an indie-folk group formed in San Francisco just a few short years ago that is already starting to turn some heads. Their blend of acoustic guitars, resigned vocals, and syncopated drums are a welcome slap in the face in a year full of cookie cutter acts. An indie-folk group that actually puts an emphasis on drumming? Why the hell not?

Their second full-length album, Visiter, features a handful of near-epic compositions like “Joe’s Waltz” and “Paint The Rust” that rise and fall in tempo and composition so much that the intensity is surprising for what is essentially a folk record. These tracks are sandwiched by shorter interludes that give the listener a breather between blasts of energy. The effect is, well, effective. Visiter is one of the best and most surprising albums of the year.


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