Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Enter The Cheaptrix

$8.99 at Target last night. Seriously. All four movies, on two flipper discs. Yeah, the discs are fairly bare-bones, in terms of extras, but I can't argue with the price. We appear to be in that "end of days" period of discounting on DVD's. Here, take these four movies. Take them away from us!

Someone needs to remind the public that Blu-Ray players upconvert DVD's, so it's really no big deal to buy a lesser film on the lesser format. I mean, I do appreciate the discounts, but really?

And, really, I'd pay $8.99 for the first film and The Animatrix any day. Those other two films can go die. They're just frosting.

I wonder if I can convince the powers-that-be to put together sets like this for all the movies I've lost over the years? The Alien series? A Nightmare On Elm Street 1-578? Everything starring Clive Owen?


  1. Wow, I definitely need to stop at Target, hellooo stocking stuffers!

  2. the other thing ive noticed about blueray is its a little glitchier than people realize. we rent blueray from netflix and half the time the discs are pretty tough to navigate (this probably has something to do with the idiotic remote) or they just freak out and connect to the internet at the drop of a hat. I got so pissed off at the X Files movie last night I didn't even finish the extras. You sneeze and skip to the next scene on that thing and you might as well hit youself with a brick, because thats how good its going to feel getting back to that place on the dvd.

  3. I'm afraid to get anymore electronics for fear that the Bermuda Triangle that is my apartment will do something to mess them up. we have several dvd players and vcrs that all went kaput around the same time. it's really annoying.

    the deal with the movies is good. I like the Matrix Trilogy (I never really wanted to see the animated one), but the second and third ones had just a bit too much needless fighting in them for my liking. Like I didn't see the point of it. but I'll watch them all many times over and over.

    I find a lot of good old old old movies (black & white movies) at the 99¢ stores.