Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Reasons I Can't Be Taken Anywhere

The Loss Adjuster should not:

* Talk about the awesomeness of Christmas songs performed in the “shoegaze” style.

* Talk incessantly about The Raveonettes.

* Make bad jokes about “General Tao’s Chicken.”

* Check his phone every three minutes.

* Complain constantly about “needing a cig.”

* Brag about meeting Jack Black at an Iggy Pop show. No one cares.

* Tell the truth.

* Make people cry.

Yeah. I’m still a public fail. That is all.


  1. hehee you made someone cry!? I like making people cry...sometimes.

  2. but we always have fun when we go out. wtf?

  3. I think that you're only a public "win" if you are secretly a public fail at heart.
    I revel in my socially unacceptable behavior.

  4. Why is talking incessantly about The Raveonettes a bad thing?

  5. @suicidaljane It is when the person you're with has no clue who the are.

  6. Then I suggest not being that person for extended periods of time.