Friday, December 19, 2008

The Best Albums Of 2008 #10

Hot Chip-Made In The Dark

Sure, London’s Hot Chip are a little weird and they've certainly been accused in the past of being ridiculous. They’re an electropop band with tongue firmly planted in cheek and a repertoire of hooks that makes their contemporaries flush with envy. They’re The Postal Service crossed with Peter Gabriel, but with more uplift and an actual sense of humor. They're like a modern Devo, minus the hats. Which isn’t to say that they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Sure, their third record, Made In The Dark, has its moments of levity (“Wrestlers,” anyone?), but the sheer amount of brilliance exercised on the album is proof enough that Hot Chip are for real. “One Pure Thought” is a major standout on the record, as is "Bendable Poseable." And is “Ready For The Floor” an homage to Tim Burton’s Batman? The video certainly leans that way and the lyrics definitely show love for Burton's vision of the dark knight (Does “you’re my number one guy” ring any bells?).

“Ready For The Floor”

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