Thursday, December 4, 2008


One of my cats, Niro, is seriously independent. She doesn't like being picked up or poked or anything. She will come to you when she feels the need for petting. It's not that she's unfriendly. Quite the opposite, in fact. She's one of the friendliest cats I know. It's just that she has major cat boundaries.

As such, she never sleeps with me at night. That's usually Simon's job. It's also his job to wake me up in the morning with a well-placed paw to the eye, but that's besides the point. I bring this up because Niro has slept in my bed the last three nights.

The best I can suss out is that the latest round of Feral Cat Wars being played out in the middle of our street is bothering her. Both of my cats are indoor cats, so they mainly just watch as the neighborhood cats yowl and hiss and bat at each other's faces.

This week, the Feral Cat Wars have been especially loud. It's like the Kathy Griffin of feral cats has moved into the neighborhood and the paparazzi are on high alert. So, I get a little cuddle time with Niro out of the bargain. I'm just trying to enjoy it, since I'm sure she'll be back to being indifferent to my existence any day now.


  1. i was just shocked at how BIG she was. i hadnt seen her since she was a mini cat.

    lily is the same way though, she rarely wants pets. just at night when she feels like it. the rest of the time she just looks at all of us like we're crazy

  2. aww what a pretty kitty! Ms Marple is kind of like that but not really. she's only slept in bed with me 3 or 4 times that i can remember and all of them have had some clear reason: I was sick (and she sensed it and was near), I was having an especially bad dream, and most recently was the first couple of nights it was just her and I in the apartment after my parents left. I slept in the living room and she either curled up on my lap or at my feet. Other than that, Ms Marple will sleep where she darn well pleases.

    I try to keep her indoors, but occasionally she'll escape when people go in and out a lot. she'll slip out the door real fast if you don't pay attention, but after an hour or so I'm able to coax or chase her back in and she hides from me because she knows I'm not in the best of moods after she's been outside

  3. First off let me say Niro is gorgeous! She reminds me of my Blue doggie!

    I wonder why she's being nice?

  4. Is it wrong that I purposely will turn down the heat at night, just so my cats will sleep with me? I know they're just cuddling for the body heat... but it reminds me why I continue to feed them. By the way, Niro is a goregous girl.

  5. Grey cats are the best. Mine just tried to crawl into my sweatshirt pocket, which didn't quite work because she is a full grown cat (albeit a small one) and she just didn't fit. So she finally gave up and laid down with her head in my pocket, her body sticking out, and her paws under the sweatshirt. Typing this is tricky.