Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Best Albums Of 2008 #20


Ladytron was a vital part of the electroclash explosion of the early 2000’s and, unsurprisingly, is one of the few survivors. Where so many of their contemporaries made bad decisions, Ladytron excelled. Fischerspooner lip synched. Ladytron performed live. Peaches fought to alienate listeners. Ladytron, despite chilly music and lyrics, were surprisingly pop. The Faint went crazy. Ladytron signed to Nettwerk (Which might be a sign of insanity, but whatever.).

The Liverpool band’s fourth record, Velocifero, continues a trend of increasingly darker, moodier records, yet without losing any of the pop sensibilities that made them palatable in the first place. Velocifero is chock-full of dark, sexy, and chilling songs that are just perfect for the upcoming winter months. And as a bonus, Mira Aroyo sings a pair of tracks of her native Bulgarian, which is lovely considering her near-absence on 2005’s Witching Hour.


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