Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Frog And Peach

We're drinking peach cider on the back patio at the Frog And Peach pub in San Luis Obispo and it's getting close to time to head back to Avila Beach. We've been drinking all day at various pubs and bars in the area, trying to avoid a certain irritating hobo neighbor. I strike up a conversation about our rank, filthy, and instantly amusing surroundings.

The Loss Adjuster: “You know, this place is always what I’ve imagined the east coast is like.”

Discotrash: “No, not at all.”

The Loss Adjuster: “What, is it grimier out there?”

Discotrash: “Yes.”

We head back to Avila Beach. The hobo neighbor is still there. Off to another bar we go...


  1. DEF way grimier!

    Hey your day sounds like a good old fashion pub crawl to me!

  2. Discotrash's point of view is based off of Allston, MA aka "The Aids of Boston." Not all of the east coast is dirty, just certain areas. And it's either completely pristine, or filthy, there's no in between.

    Although I don't think Frog and Peach is dirty at all.

    Still you should come visit and see for yourself!

  3. They are both right - and I have been to boston and NY with Bon Don. East coast is either very dirty, depressingly colorless buildings, or beautiful, lush little towns! You should go - it's much fun even if you only hang out at bars!

  4. Hey!

    East Coast is not necessarily grimier. Like Desert Rat said, it's all in where you are. I've been to both coasts, and seen plenty of gross and plenty of gorgeous.

  5. to be fair it was snowing like mad when i was there so everything in the city was pretty filthy. i loved it though.

    and maine, well that was just like on the postcards

  6. @discotrash no, Allston is dirtier when you can see the sidewalk. TRUST ME. And to think I walked home barefoot from the model one night this summer. EWW!