Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eating Martha Stewart?!?

At first I thought, I'm eating Martha Stewart for dinner?!? I was horrified thusly:

And then I realized, I wasn't eating Martha Stewart:

All is right with the world, I suppose. Although it would probably help if I brushed my hair before taking photos.


  1. Three Things:

    1. I love the look on your face!

    2. I love that shirt!

    3. Were they good? Because the word "slab" made me gag a bit.

  2. Dude you have lost some weight! Looking good!

    Seriously how does one lose weight while still nomnomnoming on their favorite bitchy daytime talk show hosts?

  3. @the_ex They were pretty good, as far as frozen "chicken slab/pot pies" go. I was impressed by the leeks and shallots. You don't find those much in frozen food.

    @jennifer I only eat them a bit at a time and freeze the rest. I started with the feet tonight. Having an outdoor freezer is handy!

  4. Very funny, especially the cat shirt - so manly!

  5. Can't... stop... laughing... hard to... breathe...