Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008: A Year In Review

January: I lose my job. Nations fall.

February: I start a music blog.

March: I delete said music blog.


May: I move into Tyner Ranch (Ha!), the ranch that isn't a ranch that happens to be surrounded by ranches.

June: I get insulted by a checkout girl at VONS for my questionable choice in non-alcoholic beverage.

July: My best friend turns 29 and I almost die of alcohol poisoning in the process.

August: I get taken behind a smörgåsbord and hit over the head with a brick for daring to smoke in Solvang.

September: My son turns three. I single-handedly replace "in bed" with "fucker" in fortune cookie etiquette.

October: I reveal a deep, dark secret.

November: I become famous in Pakistan.

December: I go to a friend's company Christmas party, which catches the attention of the newspaper I used to write for.


  1. This was a great post! It lead me to read old posts of yours which cracked me up! Here's to a much better 2009!

  2. OMG i didnt know you ended up in the californian for that blog post. awesome.

  3. I just got all excited to read some deep, dark juicy gossip, and I was slightly dissapointed by your secret. That's not a secret, I think we all pretty much assumed that already.