Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fighting Off The Crazies

Admittedly, I’m going through an utterly terrifying time in my life. I can’t really get into the details here, but let’s just say that the last 365 days of my life have resembled a steadily growing avalanche of shit.

Every once in awhile, I utterly freak out. I tense up. I said weird things. I drink too much. My face breaks out. I completely and utterly panic. The last two days have been an example of this. I’m an utter mess. I should be undergoing surgery to replace my liver in preparation for this weekend. Instead, I’m locking my jaw and darting my eyes around the room in a paranoid fashion.

Truthfully, when I’m not going crazy I’m a really nice guy. Which isn’t to say that I’m a jerk when the crazies strike. No, I just act weird and paranoid. I freak out. There really should be advance warning for anyone getting to know me. “Every few weeks, Michael will flip out and not handle something well. Bring vodka.

So, currently, I’m trying to fight off the crazies and relax. I’ve done all that I can this week. Tomorrow, my bff comes to town and we are going to celebrate the fuck out of my birthday. I can go back to worrying Monday.

That’s all there is to it. I love you guys. Be safe. Be you. Have a fabulous weekend. Maybe I’ll see a few of you at the bar? Even if we've never met... you're invited... and loved.

Love & rockets, honeys…


  1. Go have a excellent time with your bff and f&*K the rest! Cheers to a great Birthday weekend and delicious cake.

  2. Well, thank god your BFF is coming in town tomorrow! Hopefully you can shake off those panicky feelings and relax and enjoy your birthday!

  3. Oooo the crazies suck! I tend to get the crazies every now & then. Lately my life has resembled an avalanche too, I guess that's why I wasn't in blog world. Oh well at least we all have each other (fellow crazies) to keep us slightly sane!

    I hope you both party like rockstars and enjoy the finest vodka that dive bar serves! If I wasn't hosting a drunk dialed Super Bowl Party I would have loved to come on up and partied with two blog-ebritys!

    Happy Brithday Michael!

  4. Good to know I'm not the only one freaking out and drinking too much these days. *hugs*

  5. Crazies happen, don't fret, they build personality and character. At least telling myself they do makes me feel better anyways.

  6. Have a freakin' blast and don't worry about the crazies- once you just accept them they become like an old friend like your favorite pair of jeans or the constant nagging liver pain. (Though I will strongly suggest to your friends that someone should purchase you a helmet for your b-day, you know, play safe and all that jazz.)
    A birthday toast to better days baby!