Friday, January 23, 2009


It’s days like this that I wonder why I bother defending my hometown. Frankly, Bakersfield doesn’t deserve it. It’s a squalid shithole full of angry, racist, homophobic, redneck assholes who love Jesus and beating up people who are different than them.

And tomorrow I’ll be fine. I just don’t stay angry very long. I’ll go back to appreciating our astonishing variety of dive bars and Mexican restaurants. I’ll go back to reminding people that we do have an art scene, and local music, and theatres.

I’ll avoid turning on the local news. I’ll use the iPod instead of the radio. I’ll push the newspaper under an end table, forgotten. In other words, I’ll close my eyes and choose to believe what will make me less frustrated.

That living here is not so bad.


  1. OH TLA and now I am so curious to know what went on in Bakersfield! It sounds like I wrote this post...yeah don't look at the news and whatever you do stay away from the holly rollers too they are just never nice people! YUK

  2. You defend it because it's yours. You don't get to pick it, it chooses you. Like family. Even though some days you might wish that good ol' Dad woulda worn a condom, you're stuck with the result.

  3. my sister in law just made a post called "frustration." For different reasons, mind you, but still. It's been a frustrating week for everyone.

    (Do you happen to know where my passport is?)

  4. If you are in a small town, local news is a form of the plague. Small towns have always worried me because on those days that i feel like climbing the clock tower and picking off pedestrians I think "Wow, I could get half the population, right here, right now."