Thursday, January 15, 2009


In spite of the unwavering support of Discotrash (BTW, read her blog! Is very good!) and some rather lovely feedback from you folks, my joking attempt at internet dating has garnered no interest. I've checked out several of the sites recommended, but none have really piqued my interest. Not to mention that it doesn't appear that many of the people in my hometown are on the more "alt" sites.

So, what now? Maybe I should look at one of the sillier sites, like OkCupid... Or maybe I should just give up for now.


  1. Maybe you need to open your horizons to blue or apple red hair? Perhaps there is the perfect girl out there for you, waiting to be trained, loves cats and Bowie but is so disappointed because her hair is blue and red which together makes purple. ;-). OR maybe you have not given it enough time but will get numerous responses this weekend!

    I've been meaning to look at her suggested sites they sound so funny.
    Keep the faith -Just say NO to OKCupid

  2. you sound far too fantastic to give up my dear.

  3. okcupid is fucking useless. id do match or a yahoo personal first before going down that road. and you know who knows loads about writing a profile for online dating is slack. you might ask her for some help. :)

  4. I agree with Desert "Storm" Rat, What if there is a brown hair, dog lovin' beauty just kicking herself in the ass for not fitting the criteria!

  5. @bon_don Lol... Somehow I doubt it... :)